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About us

The crew consists of Father, Mother and two children.

Luigi (father) is the true sea and marine story expert with over 40 years of experience of sea and fish. The captain’s life revolves around the sea and nature, as a small passionate to the maritime life of the Giglio Island, During the school period he moved to Livorno where he confirmed this passion that led him to become a fisherman to collect experience, and in the meantime continue his Nautical studies to become an independent captain. At the age of 20 years the studies were over and the recall for nature and origins came back to live in desire so as to move for 1 year in the Giannutri National Park to work as guardian of the island and the sea in particular way. Returning to Livorno’s port city, he decides to venture on his fishing passion by buying the first Bella Franca 1°, maritime life takes place between difficult moments and exceptionally good moments, between struggles against prohibitive or too permissive laws, with him also a well-known supporter Paolo Fanciulli in the search for Marine Ecosustenibility. Over the years go back to Giglio Island where he finds the island and its sea from which he no longer sees, but somehow he set about to create a new future for the traditional Giglio’s fishing, with the now famous turistic fishing initiative to ensure a more prosperous future for children who are in love and fond of sea and fish.

Thanks to this tourist involvement sponsored by the European Union for the protection of the environment and for the search for ancient extinct traditions, the fisherman’s trade is returning to life, albeit in more convenient forms.

La nostra escurzione è fondata sull’amore del mare e del pesce, questo amore che vorremmo trasmettere a tutti coloro che pur non essendo interessati alla pesca trovino un contatto estremo con la natura nel pieno rispetto di essa. un viaggio nellla storia nella tradizione e nel divertimento.